The Benefits of a Professional in Respect to Web Design

We have all heard those ambitious claims from people who are not experienced in web design that they are about to create a website. Now that
is a noble aim, depending on the site that is. So the person buys or downloads a WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver and then sets out to make the site. The interface looks similar to Microsoft Word and so they they make the site as if it is a Word document. Soon, what was originally a noble endeavour has turned into a website disaster. And everyone knows it. Yet often, since the individual knew that he made it himself, he is proud of it and so publishes it.
Bad Design Example:
Bad Website Design - Example
Now what is the problem with that? Well it’s a problem depending on if the website is for a business or it is simply a personal site which basically only the creator will visit. If it is for a business, then there is a major problem. If a business’ website is poorly designed, people will not want to visit it. If they do stumble upon it, it will be seconds before they have clicked ‘Back’ on their browser. The website visitors won’t want to refer the site to their friends and thus, the business does not gain any business by having a website.
Examples of bad designs includes those sites that have flashing text everywhere, or ones that have a fluorescent colour as the background making the text unreadable. Or the other extreme is that the site is completely too boring, with simply a whole chunk of text on a white background with no colours on the site at all. This are only some examples of bad site design practices.
Businesses should have websites. But the crucial thing is that the Business’ website must be well-designed. This means, not done by an amateur, but by a professional. That is, a reliable company that specialises in website design and web development. For this way, a visually pleasing website will be produced that is user friendly and W3C Compliant.
W3C Compliance refers to the standards committee who decide what is proper HTML and XHTML markup. These standards are those upon which Web Browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) use when deciding how to render webpages. If a site is not compliant with these standards, then even though the site may look not too bad in one browser, it is likely it will not be displaying correctly in the other web browsers.
Furthermore, being W3C Compliant means that your website is future-proof, meaning that your website will be displaying correctly for years and years to come regardless of the new versions of web browsers that come out. Being non-compliant gives the site a much greater chance of not being supported at all by future web browser editions that are released.
But you ask though, what is a good Web Design company out there? One I would recommend would be Web Dev 2.0, I have found them to be reliable, fast and they create very good web solutions. Visit their website - Web Design Brisbane.



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